After implementing Leigh Anne's strategies, I noticed significant physical and emotional changes, and an overall shift in my well-being. I have come to understand that if I treat myself well, that I am likely to be more available and helpful to everyone else...a win-win situation all around.

– Jen S.

I find Leigh Anne's website, advice and yoga instruction very in tuned to all her students' needs. Her teachings are invaluable and help me lead a more productive life.

– Diane S.

"I've never felt more energetic and confident in my life! I have lost 10 pounds and keep it off because Leigh Anne's solutions are realistic and they work. I am mindful of how much and what I eat. She applies her knowledge of Ayurveda and gives you a holistic approach to your health. Leigh Anne gave me some tools to use so I don't lose my cool when I am with difficult, toxic people. Thank you Leigh Anne!"

– Michelle B.

“I am feeling so positive and excited. I feel so much more confident about my body and what it is doing. Healing and growing stronger from inside out. Thank you for knowing just what I need to hear!”

– Sally W.

“Different people might have different ways of categorizing what Leigh Anne Buyon does. But if you think of life as a journey, then I recommend you think of Leigh Anne as your travel agent. She makes sure you have a clearer view of the path ahead -- and plenty of simple, practical guidance to get you where you want to be.”

– David J.

“My dreams have become my only escape until I met you whom I feel you are my guide out of a dark maze and you will lead me out of this fearful existence.”

– Joan E.

Before I started working with Leigh Anne I felt anxious, sluggish and bloated. In a short time I now feel healthy, happy and balanced. I have more energy and I have become mindful about every choice I make. Coming back to Yoga has been the greatest benefit for me. And Leigh Anne helps you make changes a little bit at a time, which makes the changes stick.

– Tracy F.