www.altmedicinezone.com – Great place to search all things in the alternative universe. Yoga section has programs for various health conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, etc.

www.brainpickings.org – Literary and simply intelligent. Musings culled from great minds.

http://ethicsinmedicine.us – Dr. Ali’s website. Source of Hydrogen Peroxide foot soak recipe.

www.ewg.org – Environmental Working Group lists the Dirty Dozen, 12 most pesticide treated produce; sunscreen guide and skin care guide. Phone app also.

www.howstuffworks.com – Just what it says. Want to know how an eraser erases?

www.tibetanmuseum.org – Site of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art at 788 Lighthouse Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306. Awesome place and some rare books and pamphlets. Worth a visit!

www.twistedsifter.com – Photographs. Outstanding and inspiring.

www.westonaprice.org – Health topics and issues with nutrition based answers.