Two Simple Guidelines for Healthy Eating

A friend, who was concerned about his expanding waistline, asked me for some simple counsel he could adhere to about his eating habits. My response was to address the quality and the quantity of food intake with this simple advice for someone who has no dietary restrictions due to any medical condition. 

1. QUALITY. Ask yourself this question when deciding on what to eat: Will this bring me energy or will it take energy from me? (This is actually a question that works for most intake activities.) Most of us have enough knowledge about food that we can answer this question easily: Fruits + vegetables = energy; processed food + sugar = depletion. 

2. QUANTITY. According to the practices of Ayurveda, your portion size for every meal is the amount of food you can hold in your two hands. And no, it is not how high up you can pile the food, as my friend immediately inquired! If your food is nutritionally dense this is enough food and will leave enough room for good digestion to occur. 

Or follow Michael Pollan's advice: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Ayurveda also recommends eating your main meal mid-day, preparing meals with fresh food, avoid leftovers, and eat according to your constitution (dosha), but that's for another post!


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