Leigh Anne’s philosophy of health is based on the Buddhist notions of loving kindness and wisdom, and that well being is an overall balance in body, mind and spirit. Leigh Anne believes in personal responsibility and her approach in her work with her clients is to get them positioned to make healthier choices on a daily basis. These daily, seemingly small actions are what keeps a person engaged, vibrant and strong in body, mind and spirit.

A word about spirit.

One of the reasons I have been drawn to Eastern healing systems and philosophy is that they include and recognize spiritual and emotional dimensions in a person’s life. When I was in graduate school, I came to see through volumes of clinical research, that a person’s emotional health has a great deal to do with their physical and mental health, and vice versa. In other words it is all connected and interdependent; it is holistic.

With this in mind, I like to address each client’s emotional world as well as their physical and mental states of being. Though I am not a licensed therapist, I do act in the role of supporter of your journey. I am no substitute for licensed medical practitioners. But I do look to nourish you in your body, mind and spirit.

I am your wellness coach helping you achieve your goals. That’s what I do.

I act as your support system when you decide that you want to take responsibility for your health and behavior. I am not looking for you to become dependent, but for you to learn with my clinically researched guidance to make healthier choices every day. From taking you to the food store, to reviewing your daily habits, your lifestyle practices, and stress management techniques -- you get all the tools at my disposal to help you make effective change, step by step.

I believe  small, slow changes in your life are the ones that stick and the ones that yield profound results.

Here’s to building a happier life together!